Capitol Hill

Karen was amazing! As a first time home buyer, I knew very little about the process I was diving into. We met Karen through a property that she had; she happily showed us the property with no representation, and we found her to be extremely transparent and informative. Because of this, we decided to work with Karen as our buying agent.

She showed us a few homes within our price range, and made sure we were being realistic with our expectations; she only showed us properties she felt comfortable we could manage (afford, livability, etc.) and steered us clear of properties she knew were bad news.

The decision we made was to purchase the original property we met Karen through! What really stood out to me most about Karen is how well she takes care of her clients. I appreciate Karen's honest, high-integrity values. I was impressed that Karen 'refused' to be both the buying and selling agent - she sacrificed commission to uphold her loyalties to the sellers as the selling agent and handed our buying transaction to a trusted coworker. She wanted to make sure as buyers we had an unbiased, fair representation that wouldn't be compromised by the seller's agenda.

Although we didn't get to work with Karen directly as the buying agent on our offer, she will forever be our agent and I would STRONGLY recommend her to any of our friends, family, or anyone!